Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sam, A Love Story: Baby Labrador Retriever Puts on the Dog

The first time I saw Sam, he was three weeks old and mostly wanted to sleep. He had already come a long way from when he entered the world on May 28--weighing in at under a pound, surrounded by his nine brothers and sisters--the whole litter looking not unlike a group of newborn mice who not surprisingly are also called pups.

Baby mice
Litter of Yellow Labrador Retrievers

After waiting five more weeks which seemed like an eternity even though I was able to visit and watch Sam's amazing progress, he came home. He was soft, sweet, a little scared but ready to roll.

Sam checking me out

Sam exploring his new yard
Sam getting to know his big sister

The first night I slept between two chairs, next to his crate, listening, watching and taking him out of his crate to cuddle and reassure that all was well--then taking him out in the yard for you know what. 
Sam, I'm discovering, has a real zest for life and is passing it on to all he encounters...from other dogs, to businessmen on the street, kids, seniors and even some who admitted that they don't usually like dogs.

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